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BEAM Production Credits

  • The Cannabis Reporter Radio Show – Producer/Host of a weekly podcast featuring cannabis industry pioneers, policy makers, experts, doctors, patients and advocates. Show launched in 2016 featuring host, Snowden Bishop.
Listen to The Cannabis Reporter Radio Show

Listen to The Cannabis Reporter Radio Show

  • Life Is Beautiful Worldwide Streaming Event – Producer of the first-ever live streaming of the three-day music and arts festival, Life is Beautiful in October 2014. With more than 35 camera stations including multi-camera set-ups on 6 main stages, several state-of-the-art technical rigs and miles of cable covering several acres in downtown Las Vegas, the streaming event covered concerts, educational talks, culinary demonstrations and more than a dozen art installations with a live on-air host and guest interviews.
  • Embracing People, Planet, Profit In the New Era of Conscious Capitalism – Producer of a large-scale business/sustainability event at the U.S. Airways Center in Downtown Phoenix. Event lead by Star Simmons featured renowned speakers and corporate presentations by pioneers in business sustainability initiatives.
  • Green Stock Festival Speaker Series – Producer of a three-day speaker series featuring leaders in sustainable business, spiritual enlightenment and green living hosted by BEAM flagship publication AZGreen Magazine. BEAM also published the official GreenStock magazine, which served as the event program. The festival took place in Old Town Scottsdale in 2011.
  • Casablanca: The Musical – Producer/General Manager of ballet/musical adaptation of Warner Bros. classic film, Casablanca, for Los Angeles Dance Theater – Live performances and video production of an all-dance adaptation of the legendary WB film. Executive Producers: Warner Bros. Directed by John Clifford. China tour 3/05 commenced at The Great Hall of the People in Beijing. International and North America tours developed in 2006.

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  • Paw Project – Segment Producer/Production Consultant – feature documentary about controversial legislation regarding vanity mutilation of cats and dogs and efforts made to raise public awareness. BEAM principals donated hundreds of hours of captivating film footage for use in this film and contributed scientific studies cited within. The film was official selection at dozens of film festivals and theatrically released in 2013.
The Paw Project

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  • Val/Val – Associate Producer – Development and supervising various creative aspects of award-winning multi-lingual feature film. Dir. Gustavo Camelot. Completed and released 2006.
  • Fire Within – Production Consultant (development, marketing and grant writing) – Feature length documentary filmed in Israel. Festival circuit and theatrical release 2005.
  • The Seventh Bottle – Producer – Supervising production and creative aspects of multi-lingual short film. Short completed 11/03. Feature script (Val/Val) development. Dir: Gustavo Camelot; official selection at numerous international and domestic film festivals, Winner International Short Film Competition Gold Award 2004 Worldfest Houston, Winner Beverly Hills Film Festival 2004, Winner Montevideo Cine International 2005.
The Seventh Bottle

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  • Path of a Nomad: An Explorers’ Odyssey – Producer/Writer – Supervising production of documentary filmed in England, Ethiopia and Kenya. Part I completed 3/2004, Resumed production Part II 2008. Executive Producer: Sascha Schneider with Malaika Productions (Kenya). Director: Kire Godal. Currently in post-production.
  • Repossessed – Producer – All creative and business aspects of short film starring JoBeth Williams and Juliet Landau. Completed Jan 2002. Official Selection New York International Film Festival, Arizona International Film Festival, Big Bear Lakes FF (Winner 2002 Audience Award), IFP/West, Worldfest/Houston Int’l Film Fest (First Place Winner International Short Film Competition 2003), numerous international festivals. Distribution Atom Films.

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  • Out There – Co-Producer – All creative and business aspects of short film starring Harry Shearer and Jeff Fahey. Completed October 2001. Executive Producer: Webicide. Official Selection New York International Independent Film Festival, Arizona International Film Festival, Worldfest/ Houston Int’l Film Fest (First Place Winner International Short Film Competition 2002), numerous international festivals. Distribution Atom Films.
  • Drum Solo – Associate Producer – All creative and business aspects of short film starring Simon Rex, Ron Lester, Kevin Connelly. Completed 8/01. Exec. Producers: Webicide and Warner Bros. Writer: Christopher Dean Johnston, Director: Bob Joyce, Distribution: Warner Bros. On Line Release 2004.
  • The Buschlichts – Producer – Serial comedy stage plays directed by and starring Jeffrey Taylor, HBO Workspace, The Complex (Los Angeles) and The Warehouse (New York).
  • White Trash Wins Lotto – Producer – Critically acclaimed musical comedy theatrical production starring Andy Prieboy, Rita D’Albert, Brian Beacock, Greg Behrendt, Crissy Guererro, Dave Foley and 13 other cast members. Sold-out runs in Los Angeles and New York 1999-2001, Headliner and featured act Best of LA Weekly Awards (2001) U.S. Comedy Arts Festival (1999 & 2000), and Toyota New York Comedy Festival (2001). Executive Producers: MCA Universal Music Group and HBO. Book/Music/Lyrics: Andy Prieboy. Appeared on Late Night w/Conan O’Brien. National and International press coverage.
White Trash Wins Lotto

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  • Actors Alley Repertory Theater – Producer/Director/Performer – Supervised all aspects of theater management and production including fundraising, producing, script development, play writer contests, gala events, theater refurbishment, workshops, contracts, and media relations; repertory including musicals, serial dramas, one-act series, experimental and dramatic plays. 1985 – 1992.
  • Other Production Credits – BEAM Principals have held a variety of television, film and live theater production staff positions ranging from production coordinator to talent executive. Highlights include HBO Original Programming, six non-consecutive U.S. Comedy Arts Festivals, MTV Video Awards, NBC Affiliate News, Hollywood Video Awards, VH1 Ski Party Weekend with InXS and Robert Palmer, CastleRock Entertainment story department, and Capitol/EMI artist tours including George Harrison, Ravi Shankar, Todd Rundgren, Alice Cooper, Paul McCartney, Bernadette Peters, Sarah Chang, Robert Palmer and more. Complete list will be provided upon request.

Christian Nolan

Christian NolanChristian joined the BEAM Global Media team in February 2014 as Consulting Director of Information Systems to develop and oversee online components of the first-ever live streaming broadcast of the three-day Life is Beautiful Festival in Downtown Las Vegas. Today, he serves as Vice President of Information Technology and Web Design and has recently become a partner.

Since 1999, Christian’s impeccable skills, technological knowledge and aesthetic sensibilities have attracted attention of IT departments spanning multiple industries such as telecommunications, fashion, healthcare, design, publishing, online education and entertainment. In 2012, Christian branched out on his own As an independent contractor and formed InSpin Media. Serving a variety of clients, he has developed complicated Web-based solutions for global online education, retail, healthcare, nonprofit and streaming sectors, applying cutting edge technology, seamless functionalities and impressive design.

Christian is currently charged with overseeing all technological development, Web design and online publishing for all BEAM online publications, production, event, client marketing, e-commerce, email subscription and creative services departments.

Star Simmons

Star SimmonsStar Simmons has more than 25 years of experience as a business leader. Her professional career began in 1988 when she was hired to work in the accounting department by Precision Payroll, a publicly held payroll processing company in Los Angeles. With a strong work effort and will to succeed, in just two years she was promoted to Assistant Controller, performing month-end closings and assisting with quarterly SEC reporting and filing. It was during this period when she began demonstrating unique talent in sales and marketing.

With a passion for sustainability and social responsibility, she began to connect dots between business success and CSR. This compelled her to explore a new specialty in guiding corporate clients to incorporate “People-Planet-Profit” principles in order to increase their overall ROI. She later found an untapped niche in business providing value-based connections for companies with strong CSR objectives. Her dedicated passion for helping people was her prime motivation in launching Threads of Connection, a value-based business leads generation and business growth firm. As principal of Threads of Connection since 2010, she became well known for creating valued-minded business packages, working hand-in-hand with her clients to increase their awareness and bring all aspects of their business into sustainable balance.

In 2011, Simmons partnered with Editor/Producer Snowden Bishop, principle of BEAM Global Media, in order to add media and editorial services to her already unique client offerings. As a partner in BEAM Global, she continues to provide extraordinary lead generation, strategic planning and brand positioning for a diverse client base in the fields of renewable energy, higher education and healthcare. Most recently she helped to develop a new online health and wellness startup with Domaine Healthcare, an East Coast company that specializes in nutritional supplements. Together with her partners at BEAM Global Media, they created and launched Domaine’s brand, NutreaLife. A passion for helping people access affordable healthcare alternatives in the new era of health technology lead to the launch of BEAM’s flagship brand, Healthtera, in 2015. With immense compassion for animals and a burning desire to inspire humane living through veganism, Simmons is leading BEAM’s launch of Namastera, an online media outlet that promotes vegan lifestyle and community engagement around humane treatment of all living creatures.

Other highlights of her career include creating large-scale collaborative initiatives with broad impact. For several years she lead the national sales team of Governet and helped to develop its flagship brand, Curricunet, an international curricular database platform for higher education institutions. In 2012, she brought Arizona State University together with a major international solar provider to build the first-of-its-kind hybrid solar/biogas/natural gas power plant on ASU’s Tempe campus. The plant serves as a demonstration model of this new technology and a research platform for students and faculty ASU’s School of Sustainability. Providing power 24/7 that also feeds into the grid, the plant provides 200 KWh annually.

She has successfully produced numerous conferences, festivals and events, many of which are themed on sustainability at prestigious venues such as The Heard Museum and U.S. Airways Center. She excels at creating valued-minded business packages by combining lead generation and marketing strategy with community outreach and social responsibility initiatives. Her extensive networking experience gives her the ability to identify strategic alliances for companies and use her social equity in the community to bring companies together in a collaborative manner.

In her free time, Simmons volunteers in animal rescue, fostering and husbandry and supports local animal shelters with pro-bono services. Simmons has also served as a board member for the Sedona Jazz Festival and Friends of Africa International, a nonprofit that is building a medical network for remote, underserved regions in eastern Africa. She currently lives in Phoenix with her rescued cats.


Snowden Bishop

Snowden BishopSnowden Bishop is a seasoned author, journalist, photographer and producer with works published worldwide. Her career began in the fast-paced environment of broadcast journalism. She “cut her teeth” in FM radio stations as a drive-time disc jockey, producer and news reporter. She graduated into television news after being recruited by a San Diego NBC affiliate, KCST-TV, where she worked as an evening news assignment reporter. She later returned to Missouri to accept a new position as the anchor for “Today Show” cut-ins and morning news at the NBC affiliate, KCBJ-TV. An offer by CBS Television to co-host a national youth-oriented talk show transported her to Los Angeles. Just days before the show premiered, CBS abruptly cut all new programming to stave off a hostile corporate takeover. The show cancellation presented new opportunities behind-the-scenes in television and film production.

Snowden has since held a myriad of positions ranging from production staff to executive in talent relations, programming and production for major media companies including CastleRock, HBO, Warner Bros and EMI/Capitol. Independent production opportunities she could not refuse lead her to form her own media company, Bishop Arts & Media (a.k.a. BAM Productions) in 1998. As principal of BAM, Snowden became an award-winning producer and author of films, documentaries and live theater projects ranging in budget from $5 Thousand to $6 Million stemming from relationships with HBO and Warner Bros. including the critically acclaimed sleeper-hit musical White Trash Wins Lotto and live musical/ballet adaptation of the legendary film, Casablanca, which debuted at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing, China. In industry circles, she became known for innovative campaigns she created to promote her productions as well as her masterful storytelling and editorial skills, which garnered a following of high-profile clients for ghostwriting, marketing and editorial services.

In 2009, she relocated to Arizona and founded BEAM Global Media. She has since served as editor-in-chief and co-publisher of several niche publications and developed content for clients in education and sustainability sectors. In 2014, she produced a worldwide streaming event covering a major three-day music and arts festival in Las Vegas with her partners and a world-class production team. Her passion for compassionate care and a burning desire to raise awareness about the cannabis movement led to BEAM’s 2016 launch of The Cannabis Reporter, a new online media outlet that endeavors to engender widespread acceptance. The Cannabis Reporter Radio Show marks Snowden’s return to broadcasting.

Exceptionally knowledgeable about sustainability, the environment and wildlife conservation, she is frequently invited to speak at events and occasionally co-host radio shows. She is a juried member of the Society of Environmental Journalists and was nominated to train with former Vice-President, Al Gore and earned her induction into Climate Reality Project’s esteemed Climate Leadership Corps. At that time, she was selected as one of only four featured Climate Leaders to represent the organization in South African media.

Having predicated her career path on social responsibility, she dedicates countless hours of pro bono service advocating for environmental, animal welfare and humanitarian causes. For more than a decade, she served as documentarian and legislative lobbyist for The Paw Project, and since 2009, she has served on the Board of Directors of Friends of Africa International where, as its current Vice Chairman, she is overseeing development of conservation and humanitarian projects in eastern Africa.